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Members Ad posting for Plugin – Vanilla 2.0.18 – NOW on Beta Testing!!


Hi guys, I know some of you also want to have this feature, where in your users are able to post a simple ads with fields like 1. 4 ads pictures 2. title 3. price 4. description so planning to dev one soon 😀 let me know if you have any improvements so i can […]

Forum Statistics Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18


Hi guys, Here’s another fresh plugin you might be interested for your Vanilla 2.0.18.x it shows the basic statistics info of a forum as well as the newest member in town. (people who joined for the last 7days or 1 week) just thought of doing this while im still working on the Member Ad posting […]

TopPosters-PRO Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18


Hi guys, You can get the TopPosters-PRO plugin for your Vanilla Forums 2.0.18.x here. New features/ enhancements and bug fixing will be provided in the PRO version, while the old version 1.4 will be discontinued. Grab the plugin for only $6, download link will be provided instantly after the payment is settled. If you were […]

Browse Members Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oct 7 2012 : Version 1.4 Released!!!! Change Log: a. Added Role Filter b. Added Link on nav thru plugin instead of manually hacking the Theme b. Fixed a Bug when Loading more users c. other minor Bug fixes See Plugin in action @ Next Feature Enhancement – dashboard settings to control/display more […]

Last Comment In DiscussionExcerpt2


NOTE: BACKUP FIRST BEFORE YOU EDIT or OVERWRITE FILES! 1. go to /applications/vanilla/models/class.discussionmodel.php inside the method public function DiscussionSummaryQuery($AdditionalFields = array()) { Add the bold one // Buid main query $this->SQL ->Select(‘d.InsertUserID’, ”, ‘FirstUserID’) ->Select(‘lc.Body’,”,’LastUserComment’) … add also ->Join(‘User lcu’, ‘d.LastCommentUserID = lcu.UserID’, ‘left’) // Last comment user ->Join(‘Comment lc’, ‘d.LastCommentID = lc.CommentID’, ‘left’) 2. […]

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