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Officially Unemployed now.


  I never imagine this day will come… that i will have to leave the company i fell in love with, the company that became my 2nd home and family. Sigh, It’s really a mixed emotion. i don’t know if i should be sad, happy or insulted. After all the investment I did, all sacrifice, […]

Learning Not to Lean on My Own Understanding


hello hello! its been quite some time since I wrote something about my walk with God. I want to share with you today my case and hope you can help share you thoughts on it. to start off, had a lot of ups and downs since I came back from our US vacation trip and […]

Help Me Overcome My Unbelief


Hi guys, I think it’s been a month now from the last time and I promised you before to give you an update on the outcome of my project ( Since the project didn’t make it on time (Sept 1 2011)… well a lot of “not-so-good” things happened… Worst thing was I just almost got […]

Doing your best, but still being persecuted


Hi Good day to all, well i hope you’re having a good one. just wondering this morning… have you ever been in a situation where you are always being blamed by your partner in an argument and telling you that you are the one who’s not sensitive to him/her where in fact he/she is the […]

Stressful Friday…


image from It’s TGIF and 7:05pm now but I’m still here in the office while everyone is out there already partying. If not all, then most are already out early on Fridays, but haayyzz… I need cool down now. Don’t want to put myself to the limit, anyway i dont have any extra energy […]

Worried Wednesday


Hi It’s another great Wednesday indeed, I arrived in the office early and started to warm up myself for the usual routine (like booting up my pc, fixing the trash in my table, etc). As I sit and think in front of my PC doing my project, I suddenly stop and remember the lesson we […]

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