Adsense Between Threads Pro 2.0 for VanillaForums 2.0.18

As the title says, this is the PRo version of the Adsense Between Threads.

What’s the diff with the FREE version?

Free Version only shows the adsense randomly on “all disucssions thread” FRONT PAGE Setup

While Pro version will also display in “Category Discussion” FRONT PAGE Setup







In addition, There’s also an admin included for the PRO Version






Grab it here for only $5

If you have a particular requirement, just let me know (drop me a message here), i offer tweak service for a minimum of $10 depending on complexity of request.


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  1. sajid says:

    Please tell me how to use this. I have installed free version on My forum. But it is not showing any Special area/Links where i can add Publisher ID etc to display the Ads

    • admin says:

      only pro version have a free admin in the dashbpard to add it easily. free version requires u to manually input or hackit in the script.

  2. This really is the 3rd blog post, of your site
    I actually browsed. Although I actually like this particular one, “Adsense
    Between Threads Pro 2.0 for VanillaForums 2.0.18”
    the most. Take care ,Carmon

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Adsense Between Threads Pro 2.
    0 for VanillaForums 2.0.18” was in fact very well worth writing a comment on!
    Simply just desired to announce you did a fantastic work.
    Thanks for your effort ,Barb

  4. ray says:

    can you get in contact with me ill give you the 10 so you could get my ads working :)

  5. Brought the pro version.
    No ads showing anywhere.

    I figure I am missing something?

    Please let me know how to get this to work.

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