Forum Statistics Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18

Hi guys,

Here’s another fresh plugin you might be interested for your Vanilla 2.0.18.x

it shows the basic statistics info of a forum as well as the newest member in town. (people who joined for the last 7days or 1 week)

just thought of doing this while im still working on the Member Ad posting plugin.

Fee is still affordable grab it for only $5

here a screenshot

Note: Download link will be sent to you email. Thanks!

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  1. geesus says:

    Hi may i ask how many new users within the 7days are listed in the stats?

  2. Nashira says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you need special code or something to get it to display properly on custom themes? I’m using it on the site in my url and it rarely shows up like it’s hidden below the elements but it shows up just fine when I use the default theme?

    • Nashira says:

      Sorry for the double comment, it seems to be a conflict with pockets, the theme or both of them. :/ I’ll keep tweaking but if you have any ideas I’d appreciate it. Thank you. I’ve had to remove pockets from the bottom just to see any of it.

      • admin says:

        Hi nashira, im also using pocket plug. But working fine in my side. Well ithink its bec of the custom theme. Im not good with css , but let me know ur url maybe I can help u tweak it.

  3. Rahul Parekh says:

    Is it possible to make payment using AlertPay(not Payza)?

  4. Peter says:

    Please I am wondering if “Forum Statistics Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18″ will work on vanilla version 2.1.5? I also want to know if the plugin is mobile friendly? Let me know as soon as possible.


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