In the end, I moved this site back to my paid hosting. I’m taking back the positive things i’ve said about, i’ve observed them for 3 days and it sucks! My website always goes timeout with them! funny thing is the cpanel on port 8023 works so luckily I managed to rescue my DB and files. Well there’s really no such thing as good FREE UNLINITED Cpanel Hosting, it will always give you headache in the end if you go with them. below are some of the comments i found in cheers!

If you know any good free unlimited cpanel hosting please let me know. :)


Infiniteserve under New Management => check my update here

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  1. Here i have two that you can check out. Try and Infiniteserve has new staff members.

  2. admin says:

    actually tried but really find it weird, you’ll notice most often…. created account ( gets a lot of request timeout, but the port for cpanel and the is working fine.

  3. Ok, you can try setting up a free domain with Which has been bought up by a big web-based company who now ads phone support in the UK and US. And also the web servers where your website is hosted is now on web servers with 0% down time. Because of me reporting a Support Admin, all this change had occured. Try giving InfiniteServe one more last try.

  4. admin says:

    cool! will defintely give it another try.

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