VanillaForums 2.0.18 – BizLink Directory v1.0


Hi Guys, How are you? been so much busy with my new work, catching impossible deadline. Sorry i wasn’t able to enhance some the other plugins lately. So far this is the only thing i have at the moment. i call this plugin Bizlink. This plugin works like see it working at here’s […]

Most Recent Posts Plugin for Vanilla 2.0.18.x


Hi, Here’s another hot useful plugin that will help drive more traffic to your forum. This plugin renders the most recent X comments in your sidepanel this plugin is also configurable in the dashboard. it allows you to change: a) the limit of most recent comment to appear in side panel b) the frequency of […]

Officially Unemployed now.


  I never imagine this day will come… that i will have to leave the company i fell in love with, the company that became my 2nd home and family. Sigh, It’s really a mixed emotion. i don’t know if i should be sad, happy or insulted. After all the investment I did, all sacrifice, […]

Adsense Between Threads Pro 2.0 for VanillaForums 2.0.18


As the title says, this is the PRo version of the Adsense Between Threads. What’s the diff with the FREE version? Free Version only shows the adsense randomly on “all disucssions thread” FRONT PAGE Setup While Pro version will also display in “Category Discussion” FRONT PAGE Setup             In addition, […]

zLike Comment Plugin 1.1 for VanillaForums 2.0.18


Hi Guys, I believe most of you are wanting to have a “like” plugin like the one in, i’ve created a plugin similar to what it does here’s the screenshot in addition, it also displays the people who liked it when the mouse is hovered on the “Like Text”. see it in action here […]

Need help on simple code tweaking for your vanilla forum?


Hi, if you dont know any programming skills and need to fix simple things on your vanilla. let me help you fix it. Please drop me a message first so we can analyze the complexity your request before selecting/purchasing an item below. Coding Service Mild Tweak (1hr) $10.00 USDA bit Trickyy (1-2hrs) $20.00 USDNormal Job […]

Members Ad posting for Plugin – Vanilla 2.0.18 – NOW on Beta Testing!!


Hi guys, I know some of you also want to have this feature, where in your users are able to post a simple ads with fields like 1. 4 ads pictures 2. title 3. price 4. description so planning to dev one soon 😀 let me know if you have any improvements so i can […]

Learning Not to Lean on My Own Understanding


hello hello! its been quite some time since I wrote something about my walk with God. I want to share with you today my case and hope you can help share you thoughts on it. to start off, had a lot of ups and downs since I came back from our US vacation trip and […]

Forum Statistics Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18


Hi guys, Here’s another fresh plugin you might be interested for your Vanilla 2.0.18.x it shows the basic statistics info of a forum as well as the newest member in town. (people who joined for the last 7days or 1 week) just thought of doing this while im still working on the Member Ad posting […]

TopPosters-PRO Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18


Hi guys, You can get the TopPosters-PRO plugin for your Vanilla Forums 2.0.18.x here. New features/ enhancements and bug fixing will be provided in the PRO version, while the old version 1.4 will be discontinued. Grab the plugin for only $6, download link will be provided instantly after the payment is settled. If you were […]

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